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Okay, so, if you know me then you probably know that one of my favorite authors ever is Peter Watts, a Canadian science fiction author and biologist. He's rather brilliant, in fact.

Anyway, apparently, this past Tuesday as he was returning to Canada from a trip to the US (helping a friend move), he was detained by Michigan boarder guards. When he asked why they pulled him over, they pepper sprayed him. And punched him in the face. And, well, here's what he says on his blog:

Along some other timeline, I did not get out of the car to ask what was going on. I did not repeat that question when refused an answer and told to get back into the vehicle. In that other timeline I was not punched in the face, pepper-sprayed, shit-kicked, handcuffed, thrown wet and half-naked into a holding cell for three fucking hours, thrown into an even colder jail cell overnight, arraigned, and charged with assaulting a federal officer, all without access to legal representation (although they did try to get me to waive my Miranda rights. Twice.). Nor was I finally dumped across the border in shirtsleeves: computer seized, flash drive confiscated, even my fucking paper notepad withheld until they could find someone among their number literate enough to distinguish between handwritten notes on story ideas and, I suppose, nefarious terrorist plots. I was not left without my jacket in the face of Ontario’s first winter storm, after all buses and intercity shuttles had shut down for the night.

It gets better, or worse, depending on your outlook. He's now being charged with the assault of a US federal officer.

Please spread the word around!

Relevant Links:

- If you want to donate to his legal fees, here's a link to his PayPal account.
- National Post: Canadian sci-fi author beaten, imprisoned at US border crossing
- BoingBoing
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Okay, so, this will certainly be old-hat to some on my flist, but I thought that all exposure on this particular subject was good exposure.

In short, Amazon.com has been stripping GLBT books of their ranking by labeling them as adult, which effectively removes them from site searches. [livejournal.com profile] rydra_wong has a post summing up the situation. [livejournal.com profile] markprobst has more details. [livejournal.com profile] asknosecrets has a put up a Roundup Post.

I think this deserves an OH JOHN RINGO NO.


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