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Read Naruto 247.

Guh. )

Reading Merupuri: the Marchen Prince by Hino Matsuri and scanlated by Sweet-Lunacy. it is quite good and quite odd )

Jobsearch: looking up. Because I don't need full time for a career, just something that will let me pay my bills.

Also, went to see a lecture with a friend on Coke (the softdrink company, not the actual drug) in Columbia . Highly distrubing because--apparently--they have a habit of killing off potiential union reps (among other things). Check out www.killercoke.org for more info. Scary.

Regarding chapter 3 of House of Leaves )
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Naruto chapter 245 has been released!
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Ah, just got back from watching my Dad play Rugby. I really love that game (not that I'd ever play it myself; god no, if I got the ball by some chance I'd probably drop it while squealing 'No! Don't hurt me! Please!') and in the Clubhouse afterwards they had on some IRS rugby. Mmmmm. Rugby boys.


Well then, in other news, I'm re-reading the Naruto manga: I'd forgotten a lot about the early volumes. I am re-falling in love with Naruto (he's such a dork) and Rock Lee (he's such a sweetheart; how can anyone not like him). Kakashi is still teh hot though.

I really like the series overall, though I do think there is a lack of subtly in some of the character dynamics. But then, anything will seem overly blatant after watching Cowboy Bebop (which I have also been doing recently).

On another note, went to Chapters today--despite my lack of funding--and what should I see on the shelf but volume 2 of Tramps Like Us. TLU is a very funny, very endearing little comedy about a business woman named Sumire who has the a bad week until she finds a guy in a box and takes him in as her pet (no, really, he was literally in a cardboard box). She names him Momo.

I bet there is a lot of "Riiiiiights" going on right now, but it really is a great series that is surprisingly refreshing. Admittedly, the art did take a bit of getting use to (it's quite similar to Flowers & Bees and HappyMania) but it really fits the tone of the story.

Finally, I have spent my last cent and it was on music. The Razorlight album (I think it's called Up All Night but I'm a little fuzzy) is very, very good and well worth shelling out the cash for (download 'Golden Touch': it's a delightfully popish single about a girl who has a lot of good things going for her and how she doesn't appreciate it all that much), and I also picked up the new LP by Boy. I've forgotten the name of the LP (maybe Every Page You Turn? I think?), but the record is solid, if a little un-original in parts. It's good for a listen and I fully expect great things from them in the future. They sound a mite like a Canadian Beatles, and they are hot.

Yes, I am fully aware that that last comment has nothing to do with the music and is completely shallow. And no, I do not care. So naah!----->Boy: feast on the man-candy.

I still need a job. Meh.
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Naruto drabble with definte Kakashi/Sakura undertones.

Man, the juices just keep flowing. There might even be a chapter fic in the works.

Drabble: 140 words-ish.

Growing older is not really just growing up, but also starting to be able to see more shades of grey )
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So within the last month I took a stress leave from work, starting thinking seriously about going to Italy, had my hard drive crash and lose all of my writing, within a period of about 72hours written a completely new piece (about 7500+) and bought the new Modest Mouse CD (which was inspiration for about 90% of the fic).

My this has been an eventful month.

Good thing the only event happening in October is my 21 birthday.

Title: Bell Jars
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: R-ish (to be safe)
Pairings: None, really, but slight Kakashi/Sakura in some bits. Well, more than slight. It's debatable.

At twelve she cuts her hair. At thirty-five it's long again. But there is a long way between twelve and thirty-five )

Edit 10/02/04: Fic has now been posted at FF.net. Huzzah?


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