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So, my sisters and I were talking about severed fingers and lost virginity over french fries. )

But, um, yeah. Conversations like that happens to me with surprising frequency.


Saturday. Day after April Fool's. Hope everyone had a good one not that I've ever really done anything about it ... . On a completely unrelated note, my entire family is thinking of up and going to Kauai for two-plus weeks in the summer, if not longer. If we can rustle up the funds. And Emily can get the time off work. And I can find a job to help pay for said trip.

I really hope we can go; I think it will probably be the last time I get to travel until I'm finished with most of school. I've decided that I'm going to have to learn to reconcile with the fact that I will indeed be a starving student. Le sigh. But, I'm looking forward to going back to school in the fall. The time off was what I needed to get my head clear.

Not much has been happening to me lately; my life seems to be in some strange bubble of stasis. That may just be because I'm not terribly social, and not having an outlet that forces me to be among people (school, work, etc) is turning me into more of an introvert than I already am. Not a bad thing, necessarily, but not really a great one either.

But enough about me; I have some recommendations for people.

Music )

Manga )

TV/Movies )

...And that's about it. I'm tired. And I have to do the dishes. And I have to write more for HoL. And some original stories I've been batting around. And finish that picture I was working on. And get a job. And pick up my sister from work.

Ooo, but on the plus side, I get to read a new chapter of D.Gray-man. Yay!

Yes, I am that simple ...
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Holy shit. )
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Read Naruto 247.

Guh. )

Reading Merupuri: the Marchen Prince by Hino Matsuri and scanlated by Sweet-Lunacy. it is quite good and quite odd )

Jobsearch: looking up. Because I don't need full time for a career, just something that will let me pay my bills.

Also, went to see a lecture with a friend on Coke (the softdrink company, not the actual drug) in Columbia . Highly distrubing because--apparently--they have a habit of killing off potiential union reps (among other things). Check out www.killercoke.org for more info. Scary.

Regarding chapter 3 of House of Leaves )
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Naruto chapter 245 has been released!
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Briefly: wandering net and stumbled across a plethora of beautiful Japanese Fanart links. There was Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Harry Potter, Deathnote, and a bunch of original, as well as a whack of scanlation links. For those interested -------> http://www.republika.pl/miahhp/

But there were 3 that really stood out for me.

1) ZZB-Propagate: a Bleach art site that focuses on Renji mainly (and how. O.o [drool]), and then the rest of the Soul Society Captains and Vice-Captains. Very little Lifeside pics, but (quite notably) has the only Keigo fanart I've ever seen. Also, the artist has a smattering of Renji/Rukia (fun), Renji/Ichigo (strangely sweet), and Renji/Shuuhei (hot). The art is beyond lovely. Totally worth a look.

2) Galaxy: another Bleach art site, this time the main focus is on Gin/Kira (with a side of the other captains). Very pretty, a little wistful.

3) Groove Tube: a Deathnote art site that has a very clean, linear style of art that I just like. It also helps that it has Matsuda art. Mmmm. Matsuda.

Also, am working on a sort of Bleach character list. I'm about 70% complete at the moment, and once it's somewhat finished, I'm going to post it.
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Orihime/Tatsuki IS my OTP, because, because the kick and the crying and the fluttery shield thingy (I <3 Tsubaki) and, and--

and Tatsuki/Orihime/Chizuru is soooo much shinier to me now: OT3? I think so

[spazzes and dies]

Much calmer (LIE; I slept not at all last night and am still buzzed by lack of shut-eye and caffeine) now, with that out of the way. Granted I've always liked O/T (and Chizuru, because who couldn't like her?), seeing this just sort-of cements it for me for some odd reason.

On My HiME (upto episode 13):

1) Akira is God.

2) Natsuki kicks ass.

3) Mikoto is so damned cute that my teeth ache watching her, but I love her for it anyway ([snicker] trying to explain the different 'likes').

4) Midori-chan IS love.

5) The look on Yuuichi's face; the look on Yuuichi's face when it happened, I wanted to cry for him spoiler ep 13 ).

6) Nagi = WTF? Who's side is he on, really? his whatever-it-is on Mai is rather cute, though

7) Yukino+Haruka = <3<3<3

8) Akane ... Heartbreaking.

Summary: My HiME is on the list. You know the list. Yeah, that one. Should be watched by anyone who likes anime; this is truly a great series. Plus, the music is luscious.

Oh, I saw the S04.E01 of Alias: nothing new, a bunch of old gimmicks employed, and Vaughn is still around. Pity.

I'll stick with it for a little while longer, but the show has really lost it's charm for me. I mean, they killed Lauren (who, while a bitch, was an interesting bitch and I'd actually warmed upto her by the end of last season), Irina is gone, Marshall still doesn't get enough screentime, WEISS IS NOT IN THE NEW DEPARTMENT; what the hell (!?!), Sydney still bursts into tears if you just look at her wrong (I'm really getting sick of her ... I want the old S01 Sydney back; Vaughn this is all your fault), Sark is ... suspiciously absent, and if I have to see teary!Sydney leaning on brooding!Vaughn's shoulder because 'they r soulmates OMG!1!!11!' one more time I swear ...

Still looking for a job (I hate my life; ah, whatever). Dropped off a couple resumes and oh holy god; yesterday the creepiest thing happened at the bookstore. )

Because I missed the obligatory Happy whatever-post, I'll add it now: Happy 2005 and (as someone said to me) may your worse day of 2004 be your best day of 2005.

Umm. I need to go lay-down now.


Dec. 22nd, 2004 01:13 pm
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I mentioned that I quit my job, right? Well, I'm wishing I still had it now because it has been more than 2 years since I've had to borrow money/rely on someone else and now I remember why I stuck with that awful job for so long in the first place; I hate a lack of self-sufficiency in anyone, especially myself. Crap.

Well, what I really wanted to do was post some of my thoughts on several series that I've been following.

Deathnote (spoilers upto chapter 49) )

Anita Blake: Incubus Dreams )

Three days until Christmas. Oooo, I'm getting all a tingle. I hope it snows.
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Teeny tiny, itsy bitsy, very very very quick post.

Must rec for anyone who just likes mind-blastingly stunning art; ColonyOne. This person has got to be one of my favorite (if not absolute favorite) internet artist. Most of the site is in Japanese (I think), but they've tagged some links in english so it's fairly easy to navigate. There is very little fanart, but it's totally not needed; the original art is enough.

Also; everybody needs to check out Kitch. Not only is her sense of humor razor-sharp (and she's Canadian, yay for another Canuck!), but her original work makes a fangirl of me I kid you not. She's insanely talented; both in her writing and in her art. Unfortunately, she hasn't updated in forever and quite a few of the links on the site are down, but the ones that still work are worth it. In her 'Ideas' section, everyone needs to look at Derby Chick, Death & Taxes, We'll Meet Again, and Cavalcade.

Okay I lied; that wasn't quick nor short. XD
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My car deserves to be taken out back and shot. Except not, 'cause then, you know, I wouldn't have a car ...

Blah, who needs a stinkin' car anyway (except for transportation to and from school, work, life, etc ...)?

Ho hum.

My Christmas blues are more turquoise. )

But, aside from my never-ending car troubles and Christmas nightmare, I have apparently angered the prose Muse because I'm a little stuck with a few stories I'm working on. I refuse to use the term 'writers-block' because it's not. I'm just ... uninspired. Only not, 'cause I have some really nifty ideas floating just out of reach. I hate that it takes an effort for me to write, I really do. Some of the fiction I've read is just so effortless, so effervescent, that after reading it I really never want to write again because nothing I do will ever have that joy, that lightness that I just finished. Even when I do write something half-decent it doesn't feel the same.

Oh well; what will be, will be, right?

It's just, oh I don't know, frustrating because I have ideas that just aren't letting me alone. For example (though I'm sure that everyone and their mother had this thought), I've got a Naruto ficlet niggling at the back of my head that wants to be a novel (oh god no! I don't have the attention-span for that!) length with copious amounts of Team7 SasSakNaru (except, it doesn't last and everything falls apart and people die and pieces need to be picked up) with a side helping of SakIno later on, and Kakashi keeps popping up ...

And then there's Gokusen. I absolutely love the anime/manga; it's just wow for me on so many levels. So I've got plot bunnies breeding like, well, rabbits for the show but of course I'm terrified that I wouldn't do it justice. And of course there's Bleach ... So not wanting to mess with that fandom because it seems like every single good fanfic author out there writes for it; you can't open a link without at least 30 fics showing up, and odds are 29 of them will be breath-taking. And lastly, I've got some FF fics just laying about waiting for me to work on them. An FF8 that is Seifer/Rinoa, Seifer--->Squall (because, dude, something is going on there, and Squall is too self-absorbed 90% of the time to do anything about it), and because I've been goofing around with FF2 I want to do a Maria/Leon, maybe a little Scott/Hilda/Gordon (I hate the names, but, oddly, really like the characters). And I've been itching to either read or write something for FF7, though I don't know what.


Maybe a key to why they aren't getting done is because I spend time writing in LJ and not on the fics ... Gee, ya think?

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
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Ah, just got back from watching my Dad play Rugby. I really love that game (not that I'd ever play it myself; god no, if I got the ball by some chance I'd probably drop it while squealing 'No! Don't hurt me! Please!') and in the Clubhouse afterwards they had on some IRS rugby. Mmmmm. Rugby boys.


Well then, in other news, I'm re-reading the Naruto manga: I'd forgotten a lot about the early volumes. I am re-falling in love with Naruto (he's such a dork) and Rock Lee (he's such a sweetheart; how can anyone not like him). Kakashi is still teh hot though.

I really like the series overall, though I do think there is a lack of subtly in some of the character dynamics. But then, anything will seem overly blatant after watching Cowboy Bebop (which I have also been doing recently).

On another note, went to Chapters today--despite my lack of funding--and what should I see on the shelf but volume 2 of Tramps Like Us. TLU is a very funny, very endearing little comedy about a business woman named Sumire who has the a bad week until she finds a guy in a box and takes him in as her pet (no, really, he was literally in a cardboard box). She names him Momo.

I bet there is a lot of "Riiiiiights" going on right now, but it really is a great series that is surprisingly refreshing. Admittedly, the art did take a bit of getting use to (it's quite similar to Flowers & Bees and HappyMania) but it really fits the tone of the story.

Finally, I have spent my last cent and it was on music. The Razorlight album (I think it's called Up All Night but I'm a little fuzzy) is very, very good and well worth shelling out the cash for (download 'Golden Touch': it's a delightfully popish single about a girl who has a lot of good things going for her and how she doesn't appreciate it all that much), and I also picked up the new LP by Boy. I've forgotten the name of the LP (maybe Every Page You Turn? I think?), but the record is solid, if a little un-original in parts. It's good for a listen and I fully expect great things from them in the future. They sound a mite like a Canadian Beatles, and they are hot.

Yes, I am fully aware that that last comment has nothing to do with the music and is completely shallow. And no, I do not care. So naah!----->Boy: feast on the man-candy.

I still need a job. Meh.


Oct. 31st, 2004 12:54 am
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Everyone needs some good Bleach.


I'm not joking; Bleach (the manga, kids, not the band, the album or the actual substance) is a marvelous manga. That or you need to read Zombie Power.


Oct. 16th, 2004 03:28 pm
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I changed my pen name at fanfiction.net again. This time I really like it, but who knows how long that will last.

It sucks having a teeny-tiny attention span.


May. 23rd, 2004 09:02 am
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I think I broke my back.

Well, maybe not broke it, 'cause I'm assuming that you wouldn't be able to still walk (a little) with a broken back. But my god--whatever the hell I did to it hurts like a mother.

Thank the lord for doctors and their prescription superdrugs. I'm on dipanzo-something and Tylenol 3. It's really heavy-duty stuff. Even my sister commented on just how stoned I looked, as I grinned moronically into my step-Dad's birthday dinner last night.

At least I can walk again, considering how yesterday I, well, you-know, couldn't. Yeah, that's a good thing, most assuredly.

But, that is not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to do was pimp out this particular story by Eimii, Suiren which is just a wonderfully written mystery/adventure fic about Sakura (Naruto), which actually manages to keep her in character while it develops her. Which is always nice.

Now on an aside, I just want to say; where's my Alias? It haven't been on for weeks and weeks (okay, I'm exaggerating, but I'm hopped up on painkillers, so ... yeah; painkillers=excuse!) and I need my Sark fix. Though this season ...

I'm not happy. Lets just leave it at that.

And as for Modern Girls, well, I'm working on it. Really. I've gotten to a point where I don't know how to bridge the gap between the conclusion and the (sort-of) climax, so I'm waiting for inspiration now.

So ... Maybe it would be a good idea to stop blogging and get working, hm?
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Well now, I feel quite pleased with myself. I've figured out how to make (cough--crappy--cough) icons. I know it's not huge, but it's a big achievement for me, 'cause--you know--I'm kinda computer challenged.

I mean, they aren't gorgeous like some of the ones I've seen, but they don't look half bad, if I do say so myself. Now I just need to figure out how to make them blink and whir . . .

Any way, I just wanted to apologize to anyone who cared, but Modern Girls has been delayed slightly due to . . . issues. And for those who don't know, Modern Girls is the second story in my hazy FFX story arc. Strangely enough, I've gotten inspiration for two more: one about Lulu and Wakka and their ghost(s), and (maybe) one about Seymour. They are going to end up being mostly sequential, and slightly (more than slightly) AU. I have not played FFX-2, nor am I planning to. And they'll reflect that.

Gawd, I'm so lazy. Sometimes it feels like I'm never going to get a story finished.

So . . . In the event that I don't update my LJ for a while, that would be the reason.


Mar. 6th, 2004 07:49 pm
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Have you even had the feeling that you know what you want to say, but not been able to get it written down, 'cause everything that you try to say seems . . . wrong, for lack of a better term, and nothing fits into what you can see in your head.

I write, I'm proud to say. I even have good ideas on what to write, ocassionally. I'm even an okay writer, for the most part. But I'm a super visual person: the things I write about I see on a big screen TV in my head. So, when I write I try to get it to match this wonderful thing I can see, but I just can't quite pin it down.

It's frustrating.

Right now, I've got this story stuck in my head about Witch Hunter Robin's Michael Lee. But I don't know how to get it out. And I need to, because if I don't it'll just stay there taking up what precious little space I have left in my head. Urgh.

Well, the good news is that I'm trying to write, and that's the important thing.
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I'm playing Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicals, and so far I'm not 100% sure I'm immpressed. I mean, it looks good, and it sounds good, but is it really good?

So here's the situation. I've started my game, and I'm traipzing through the River Belle Path, and then I look at the clock. It's time for bed, 'cause if I don't go to sleep fairly early I'd never be able to get up in the morning for work. Anyway, so I do what any person would and leave the dungeon to save. I already knew that you didn't keep the magicite that you got in the area, but I had assumed that you'd at the very least get to keep the items you found.

Oh no you don't.

I leave and save and open my inventory and there's nothing! Nothing! ohhhhhhh, I was so mad.

But that's my issue. I'll learn to deal with it . . . eventually. (grumble)

On an aside, it may also have something to do with the fact that I'm a whiney loser who doesn't like games where you have to actually work for anything, but I degress.

Oh. Our ceiling just started leaking.

Anyway, besides play FFCC I haven't really decided what I'm going to do for the one and a half days I have left of the weekend. Maybe I'll kidnap Kylie (and maybe even Derrick) and we'll all go see a movie. I must admit, I do want to see Monster . . .

Oh! And happy Valentines Day everyone!
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Gah. Double gah. I need large amounts of caffeinated (is that even a word?) substances as quickly as possible. Mmmmm. Caffeine.

So yeah, I'm officially off for the weekend! Hooray! Or, at least, what's left at the weekend. Cripes. I have the shittiest shift . . .

Anyhoo--I'm feeling strangely cheerful right now. Not too sure what that's all about. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I bought a Queen CD today. Oh yes.

I'm pretty sure I should be doing something creative right now, like writing, but writing exactly what escapes me. I've got absolutely tons of brilliant authors bookmarked and every single one of them sends shivers down my spine at just how good they are: and that only makes me want to write more. Problem with that is I want to write something glib and dark and tongue-in-cheek, and I've got so much buzzing around in my head that I swear I've got ADD or something because I'll open a file and start typing away, then I'll get this scene or paragraph in my head that won't . . . quite . . . match what I'm doing at the moment, so I'll scribble it down somewhere, and then think; hey, this would be perfect for ____ and I'll start another story . . . It's a vicious cycle.

On the other hand, I like the stories I've got going on at the moment. I've got this very Machiavellian Third Watch trilogy running around somewhere on my desktop, and I've got this idea for a continuation of an Inuyasha story I posted under another name, only it needs major revamping, and I've only just started on a very T.S. Eliot-inspired Buffy: tvs story about non-heroes and death and flaws--

And then there's the 26 page, 20,000 word, unfinished epic Kingdom Hearts fic I've been twiddling my thumbs about, hoping that I'll log on one day and find it magically finished for me.

Again I say, gah!


I'm too lazy to write. I shouldn't be allowed to write. I mean WTF? The last story I actually finished was--oh, I don't know--months ago. What I need is a jolt. I need something to get me off my lazy ass and start writing again. I mean really writing, not just dabbling because I love it and I've been neglecting that portion of my life shamelessly. Sigh.

I hate being proactive.

Oh well, off to work on a story . . .


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